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Natural Collagen

The most powerful protein
in our organism

Proteins are the main building material that makes up about 20% of the weight of a human organism. The majority of proteins in the body are found in connective tissue, skin, and organs. Proteins play important roles such as providing proper condition of body structures and organism’s functioning. The appropriate amount of proteins affects proper muscle growth and regeneration of damaged tissue.

How collagen works?
  • Souvre protein collagen is obtained from a particular species of fish - silver carp.
  • The formulations are based on the latest knowledge in the field of dermatology, cosmetology, and biotechnology
  • Collagen sourcing is a humanitarian, animal-friendly process
  • Fish collagen is the most similar to human collagen
  • Collagen protein is obtained from fish skins
  • The undamaged form of the protein is preserved in a natural structure and features the same properties as the one present in the human body
  • Thanks to its indissolubility it harmonizes with our skin. After application, collagen breaks down into small particles that reach the deeper layers of the epidermis. There these particles stimulate the natural functions of the skin to regenerate it and therefore nourish, regulate and inhibit the ageing process
  • Collagen can be found in the entire body
    and acts cells’ binding substance
  • It makes up 30% of the whole human protein mass
    and 70% of skin protein mass
  • Elasticity
  • Firmness
  • Skin moisturizing
  • Reducing the visibility of cellulite
  • Minimizing wrinkles
  • Reconstruction of the hair structure
Continuous restoring of cells
Ciągła odnowa komórek
Ciągła odnowa komórek
Ciągła odnowa komórek
Ciągła odnowa komórek
  • Keep your collagen safe in a sun-proof space, in temperature between 5-28 degrees Celsius
  • Keep collagen in its original thermal packaging


Butelka Kolagenu


It is characterized by high absorbability rate, tolerance by the skin and does not cause irritations. It makes up 70% of the skin’s protein. Its main aim is to give the resistance of the cells to stretching.

Caprylyl glycol

Moisturizes and lubricates the skin. The presence of short chain fatty acid makes the absorption of the product easier. It goes deeper into the skin and prevents water loss


This protein occurs inseparably with collagen. Together, in the dermis, they create a flexible net, which makes the skin more elastic, firm and smooth. It also fills up wrinkles. Elastin and collagen are a real support for fibroblasts.

Lactic acid

It is a natural hydrating component. It helps to maintain a proper level of humidity in the epidermis. It has antibacterial and anti-aging properties, effectively unclog pores, thanks to which they are properly cleansed

How does Souvre Natural Collagen work?

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Quick Effect Therapy

Immediate skin firming

Visible facial skin firming is possible thanks to natural active ingredients found in the cosmetics. Vitamin E neutralises free radicals that damage the skin structure thereby preventing its premature ageing. Thanks to the vitamin B3, the cosmetics with collagen are recommended also for acne-prone and sensitive skin as they inhibit excessive sebum production and reduce the size of pores. Aloe vera extract soothes irritated skin and has a strong antioxidative effect.

Face Cleansing Therapy and Natural Collagen PLATINUM


he Souvre Internationale collagen products contain natural ingredients, i.e. lactic acid, caprylic glycol, and specially purified water and are the antidote to skin imperfections. The Moist 24™ formula provides a long-lasting feeling of moisturised and soft skin. The most basic step in the care of sensitive skin is its proper cleansing. Collagen treatment should be done systematically to remove all types of defects in a natural and effective way.

Quick Effect Therapy

Immediate skin firming

The secret of the Quick Effect Therapy lies in the exceptional properties of natural active ingredients. Crushed apricot kernels, walnut shells, and almonds gently cleanse the skin, remove the keratinized epidermis and restore natural glow and freshness, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. What’s more, collagen and elastin give the effect of intensive moisturisation. The gold mask, by intensively stimulating cells, provides an immediate effect of skin firming. The invaluable ingredient of our cosmetic – colloidal gold – will nourish your skin after the first treatment and form a film on its surface that will effectively protect it against ageing.

Healthy Hair Therapy

Your hair will shine like never before

The effect of shiny and healthy-looking hair is achieved thanks to the active keratin contained in Souvre Internationale cosmetics. Keratin rebuilds the defects of the hair structure, deeply regenerating it. Other active ingredients, such as collagen, honey, and silk extract and D-Panthenol add vitality to your coif. Souvre shampoo and conditioner reduce hair loss caused by harmful external factors.

Collagen Eye Serum

Keep your beauty for many years

Thanks to the Eyeseryl® formulation the eye serum improves microcirculation, removes swelling, and dark circles and makes the lines visibly shallower. The cosmetic revitalises the delicate epidermis of this facial area. Already after the first application, the skin around the eyes becomes visibly brighter and firmer, which makes your face more youthful. Satisfactory results are visible after 2 weeks of use

Quick Effect Therapy

Immediate skin firmin

Visible facial skin firming is possible thanks to natural active ingredients contained in the cosmetics. Vitamin E neutralises free radicals that damage the skin structure thereby preventing its premature ageing. Thanks to the vitamin B3 they contain, the cosmetics of this treatment are recommended also for acne-prone and sensitive skin as they inhibit excessive sebum production and reduce the size of skin pores. Aloe vera extract soothes irritated skin and has a strong antioxidant effect.

Natural Collagen SILVER


Keep in mind that children’s skin is particularly susceptible to the harmful effect of UV rays. In the summer, you should have Souvre’s Natural Collagen at hand and apply it on moist skin after long sun exposure. The sooner you do it, the better for your skin. The epidermis absorbs collagen in a few seconds, which will make the painful condition go away.

Strong Nails Therapy

Better condition of your nails

Discolouration was gone and the skin of hands became smooth thanks to the properties of crushed apricot kernels, walnut shells, almonds aloe vera extract. Natural Collagen combined with elastin regenerated the nail plate and gave my nails a healthy shine. If applied with the right frequency, the treatments ensure visible results already after several applications and prepare your hands for professional cosmetic procedures.

Natural Collagen SILVER


Collagen accounts for 70% of skin building proteins. Rapid weight gain during pregnancy leads to discontinuation of collagen fibres. To make up for the deficit, reach for Silver Natural Collagen, which will reduce skin defects and make unattractive stretch marks less visible. Another application of the cosmetic is the firming of the bust, thighs and buttocks. It is recommended for women of all ages to restore the softness and elasticity of their skin on the whole body.

Natural Collagen SILVER


Varicose veins and broken blood vessels are skin defects that make legs look unattractive. To reduce their visibility, use Souvre Silver Natural Collagen. This makes the skin more resistant and flexible, and the pain associated with the occlusion of the blood vessels is less intense. When using collagen gel 2 times a day, the expected results should be visible after 2 weeks. Supplementation with vitamin C will additionally strengthen your blood vessels.

Natural Collagen SILVER


Burned skin requires the support of micro- and macro-elements that are responsible for healthy appearance. Caprylic glycol will moisturise and delicately lubricate your skin. The regular use of Souvre’s Natural Collagen ensures smooth skin, eliminates skin roughness, and evens out skin tone. Moreover, after the application of collagen your body is protected against irritation and external factors.

Tests confirmed that

Souvre Natural Collagen not only firms skin, but also smoothes out the already existing wrinkles. The research proved that as much as 85% of subjects noticed the reduction of depth wrinkles. The subjective visibility of wrinkles decreased by approximately 27%.

Skin elasticity increased by nearly 17% after 4 weeks of use,
Skin plasticity increased to 33% after 4 weeks of use,
Skin hydration increased by 34% after 4 weeks of use
Skin firmness improved by nearly 59% after 4 weeks of use
Wykres słupkowy Słupki

Important facts


95% of women noticed the improvement of skin hydration after including Souvre Natural Collagen in their skincare routine


85% of women who tested Souvre Natural Collagen noticed minimization of skin’s harshness


80% of women noticed the improvement of skin smoothness after including Souvre Natural Collagen in their skincare routine


70% of women noticed the improvement of skin after using Souvre Natural Collagen


68% of women noticed the improvement of eye area firmness after the application of Souvre Natural Collagen


60% of women noticed minimization of the visibility of wrinkles after applying Souvre Natural Collagen


67% of women noticed the minimization of the visibility of “spider veins” after started using Souvre Natural Collagen


74% of women noticed alleviation of irritations after including Souvre Natural Collagen in their skincare routine


90% of women who started using Souvre Natural Collagen noticed the improvement of skin’s colouration


85% Souvre Natural Collagen received high capability mark


70% of women noticed the improvement of lips’ firmness and hydration after applying collagen Lip Gloss


65% of women who included Night Collagen Cream in their skincare routine noticed filling of their facial wrinkles


90% of women noticed a surge of hydration after including Night Collagen Cream in their skincare routine


70% of women noticed face skin rejuvenation after adding Day Cream to their beauty routine


100% of examined women noticed the improvement of the skin’s appearance and condition as well as smoothing and decreasing of epidermis’ harshness


85% of women love how Souvre Body Slimming Serum smells like


95% of women observed significant increase of skin’s hydration after applying Body Slimming Serum


Skin smoothness increased by 65% after application of Body Slimming Serum


50% of women observed reduction of the cellulite appearance results 


80% of customers will choose Collagen Reinforcing Shampoo once again!


94% of women noticed the improvement of hair’s condition after including Collagen Shampoo in their beauty routine


100% of examined women noticed the improve of hair softness and shine

Life’s foundation




This unique product is obtained during a very delicate and conservative process and consists of only four components. Among these 90% of the protein ingredients are live collagen proteins. The composition includes lactic acid, caprylic glycol, and specially purified water. Thanks to being obtained from fish’s skin, product does not contain pathogens. Due to the innovative sourcing method, the collagen maintains its spatial and natural structure of the triple helix in the temperature between 5-28 degree Celsius.

Lyophilised Collagen

Sourcing method

Lyophilisation is one of the drying methods that requires temperature lower than 0 degrees Celcius and very reduced pressure. Such technology is used to dry compounds that are heat-sensitive. As a result, active substances retain their active properties. What’s more, precious compounds (vitamins, collagen, enzymes, minerals) e protected from being damaged. This type of collagen is most commonly used in supplements.

Collagen is perfect for everyone

Collagen is a fountain of youth. The effects of using collagen are loved by people who care about
the skin condition, need moisture, firmness and elasticity. It is a product that perfectly supports skin regeneration and nutrition.

For people around 20 years of age t will be excellent support for the skin condition. It will delay the ageing process, strengthen the skin structure and prevent the formation of imperfections. The skin will be better nourished, perfectly moisturized, and shine with a youthful glow.

The aging process accelerates rapidly after the age of 30. herefore, external support is very important. Collagen will reduce the visibility of deeper wrinkles and lighten discolourations. Regular application of collagen will minimize mimic wrinkles and significantly slow down the process of ageing.

The use of collagen by people over 40 will make their skin more elastic. What is more, pigmentation spots will be lightened and pores will be minimized. The skin will regain its firmness and the face shape will be lifted to its natural oval. The complexion will gain a healthy colour and glow.

Proper care routine and consistent use of high-quality products will make your skin look younger for much longer.


Skin ageing is a natural process associated with the reduction of cells biological activity, slowing down the regeneration process, and the loss of the organism’s adaptive abilities.

After the age of 25
In this period of life, the level of collagen is decreasing which causes a lot of adverse changes, mainly in the skin structure. The skin loses its firmness, elasticity, and smoothness. What’s more, these changes coincide with the loss of proper skin moisture which may cause wrinkles to form.
Po 25. roku życia
After the age of 40
Changes start to be visible in the dermis. Production of collagen fibres and elastin dramatically declines. The collagen fibres decrease or have improper structure, they become rigid, and their density decreases. The amount of fibroblasts that produce fibres also decreases. The wrinkles become deeper.
Po 40. roku życia
After the age of 50
After the age of 50, the loss of collagen fibres increase. The oval of the face drops and its expression changes. Additionally, some pigment cells, such as melanocytes, accumulate, which in turn causes the appearance of age spots
Po 50. roku życia

The symptoms of premature skin ageing are more visible than symptoms of genetic ageing. This is associated with such external factors as UV radiation, environmental contamination, smoking cigarettes, and inappropriate skin care. Hormones, improper nourishing, and vitamin’s deficit also have a great influence on the condition of the skin.

Joints are the place where bones connect to allow for limb movement. In these “hinges” occurs some undesired friction occurs - to minimize it the te surface of joints is covered with hyaline cartilage and capsula articularis. These generate fluid that smoothens contiguous elements of bones, eliminates pain, and progressive deterioration of bones. The component of synovial fluid is collagen, the amount of which in the organism decreases with age.

Skincare routine in 5 steps:

Clean the skin before applying collagen remove makeup and all remnants of the creams.
Keep your skin damp, as it will allow the collagen to reach the deeper layers of skin.
Apply collagen, performing a  gentle massage and pat the product in with your fingertips.
After 15 minutes, apply Collagen Cream.
Use twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. You will see the effects after 2-3 weeks.
Zestaw Kolagenu

Strengthen your care routine with collagen supplements.

Achieve the best results by supporting your body on many levels. Care routine on the outside and supplementation from the inside will bring even faster and better results.
The active ingredients contained in the supplements provide excellent support for the entire body.

Freeze-dried fish collagen with lemon The skin retains its firmness and elasticity
Freeze-dried fish collagen Supports the structure of bones and teeth
Algae Fucus Vesiculosus Boost metabolism
Hyaluronic acid Moisturizes and provides elasticity
Vitamin E Protects from free radicals
Incense Extract Has anti-inflamatory properties
Coenzyme Q10 Providing energy in cells
Glucosamine sulfate 2 KCl l Alleviates pain